Frequently asked questions

  • How far do you travel?
  • We have  nationwide  coverage, service may be limited in poor winter weather so please check with us. Please note that we do limit the onward miles from the funeral home to 20 especially in the colder months. Please ask for further details if the funeral will be a greater distance. Our converted 'Moggy hearse transporter' is pictured below, we will need a suitable location to safely offload.
  • Is a Morris Minor Traveller big enough? 
  • As you will appreciate, a Morris Minor Traveller is not a large vehicle, so there are inevitably some limitations due to the internal space available. The deck is able to cater for coffins strictly up to 82" X *24" X 18" externally . Weight limit is 18 stones. Coffin sprays can be catered for as they may be placed to the side if they can not be placed on top. Keeping to a lower spray would be advisable. Please ask us about sizing we need to ensure we get it right. 
  • Floral tributes, Trudy is a very bespoke hearse as you may appreciate but we are happy to carry floral tributes, a Traveller isn't a very large vehicle and so the carrying of tributes is a bit limited. Where the rear seat is not used we have an extra cover board which allows us to carry some extra floral tributes. Frames/letters may not be catered for however MUM DAD SON etc should just fit along the right side with the cover board in place. Please see our gallery for a better idea. It would be wise to opt for a shorter coffin spray to enable it to travel on top of the coffin. The taller the coffin the less space available. 
  • There is a seat behind the driver for either the funeral director or one family member, please note that it it is not a large space and if the coffin is wider than the 24" or the flowers require extra deck then the seat may not be available. Access to this seat is via the drivers door.
  • COVID 19: During this pandemic when restrictions are in place the rear seat may not be available for a passenger, we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.
Contact Clare for any enquiry about coffin / casket size and flower space.
'Parker' Trudy's chauffeur - helps her to safely get to her funerals

Our hearse travels to its destinations inside of our converted Luton van. 

Our new Luton is Euro 6 and  can travel in Low emmission zones without additional charge. 

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Morris Minor Funerals

18, The Old Bakery Church Road
Hartshill; Nuneaton

CV10 0NB

Tel: 0121 476 9111


Watch this space for a special car coming to Morris Minor Funerals soon! 

Morris Minor van hearse

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